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Pest Control solutions for your Edmonton home. Our company specializes in dealing with many different pests including the following. We use environmentally friendly pest control solutions and provide services in Edmonton as well as the Greater Edmonton Area including, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Leduc.

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Find our list of both pest and wildlife control services bellow:

Bed Bug Extermination

pest control toronto bed bugs

Bed bugs are a serious issue in Edmonton. They are insects that feed on human blood. Bed bugs feed and thus bite their victims. People who experience bed bug bites do so in the face, neck, upper torso, arm and hand areas. Bed bugs can survive up to six months without feeding and are often carried into a home on objects such as furniture and clothing. The best way to deal with bed bugs is Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which combines a variety of techniques and products that pose the least risk to human health and the environment.


Mice Extermination

Mice infest many homes in Edmonton. The houses prone to mice infestation are older ones as they have many entrance points. Mice usually enter a house from a neighboring infestation. They can make their way in your house by entering through small spaces in walls or gaps between cupboards and the floor. They thrive in environments that have available food and can feed on very small amounts. If you spot a mouse call us right away as mice breed rapidly. Leave control of these things up to the professionals. Avoid contact with mice as they can carry many diseases.

Termite Control

Many neighborhoods in Edmonton are known to have termite problems. Is your neighborhood one of them? A single colony can consist of millions of termites, and may cover a single yard or half a city block in size. Termites can cause permanent structural damage to your house. Damage that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Don’t let things go out of hand. Make sure you deal with the problem right away. Contact us if you think you have a termite problem.

Ant Control

Ant Control sulutions in Edmonton.

Carpenter ants can damage wood used in construction as well as furniture and other wooden items. While they don’t feed on the wood, they can cause damage just like termites. The damage can be problematic as it can be structural impacting the integrity of your home. If you have spotted carpenter ants in the interior of your home or basement then you might have a problem.

Rat Control

Rat control solutions in Edmonton.

Rats are a common pest in Edmonton. Large urban environments provide excellent habitats for rats to survive and thrive. Rats are active at night and generally avoid contact with people. Monitor your property for evidence of rats and if you have an infestation, hire a professional.

Cockroach Control

cockroach_controlA small roach problem can quickly turn in a roach infestation. Cockroaches can survive in almost every environment. If you are seeing cockroaches then there may be hundreds more you are not seeing. Call us today and let us help.

Wildlife Control

Animal control solutions for your Edmonton home. Call Now For A Free Estimate: 780-440-2818.

We offer many animal control and removal services. Let us deal with your wildlife or animal control. We only employ humane animal removal techniques which are in compliance with city bylaws and regulations.

We also deal with dead animal removal.

Raccoon Removal

Wildlife control technicians performing raccoon removal in toronto.

Raccoons are found in urban, rural and wilderness areas in almost all parts of the province. In Ontario, raccoons breed from January to April. In urban areas, raccoons are attracted to lawns and gardens as well as garbage bins. Raccoons are a major carrier of rabies and you should avoid contact with raccoons at all times.

Squirrel Removal


Squirrels are perhaps the most common wild animals in the city of Edmonton. They live up to 20 years in urban settings and breed twice a year from late winter to late spring. Squirrels can move in to attics, chimneys and other kinds of roof openings where they nest. If you have squirrel living on your property avoid removing it on your own to avoid leaving behind their young. Contact us have a certified wildlife removal expert take care of the removal.

Pigeon Control


Pigeons are considered the most widespread urban bird pest. They nest readily in urban structures and are responsible for millions of dollars of damage in urban areas every year. The acid in their feces is highly corrosive and roosting flocks can cut a roof life in half. In addition. Pigeons can cause extensive damage to air conditioning units and other roof top machinery.

Skunk Removal


Skunks dig small round holes and feed on grass roots destroying lawns. Skunks also feed on garbage and once they find an easily accessible bin they will continue to return.Skunks are known to burrow under porches, in shed or in piles of wood or debris. If you have a skunk near your home chances are that the animal has burrowed near by or in your back yard. Contact us for expert skunk removal.


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