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Termite control Edmonton. Our treatments can save tens of thousands of dollars in property damage. Thorough termite inspections are recommended to be conducted on an annual basis in Edmonton. If you suspect you have termites then it is advised that you have a professional perform a termite inspection. You call and talk to our termite control technicians and examine your options. We can help with the termite treatment in an effective and affordable way. Call us: (780) 440-2818

Termite Control

Termite control treatments consist of implementing termicides in and around the colony area to prevent expansion. The chemical treatment is implemented in the ground around the house in set-distance intervals so to make sure no termite colonies expand in the area. In addition to that, treatment is also injected into drilled holes into the wooden foundations of a structure. Every situation is different, as is every colony and level of infestation. There are several termite treatment options today. While the effectiveness of the treatments primarily depends on the thoroughness of the pest control technician, an integrated, step by step plan that covers all possibilities would be more effective.

  • Termite Baits
  • Liquid Termite Treatment


Liquid Termite Treatment

Extermite Termites in Edmonton

Implementing liquid termite treatment in the ground

Such treatments are conducted with the use of a liquid termicide. Such a treatment is conducted by spraying small areas and cracks inside and outside your house. Depending on the level of the infestation, such a treatment can involve pouring vast volumes of termicide into the ground around your house. The liquid will remain in the ground for years thus eradicating every sign of the insect. These liquids are classified as repellants and non-repellants depending on their functionality.

Termite Baits

Termite Extermination Services

Termite Bait trap to be placed in the ground and sprays used all around.

Termite baits offer a more targeted method in termite treatment. Baits are a relatively newer treatment method and is considered more effective. Termite baits are placed in the ground around a house, they contain wood and attract the insects. Once the insects enter the trap, they come in contact with a slow acting chemical which can either kill the insect or simply hindering their growth to maturity. Termite bait traps are considered safer as they require a much smaller volume of insecticide. The type of treatment depends on the infestation, as well as the expertise of the specific pest control company you choose to have do the work. Remember, the costs for termite treatment can vary substantially from provider to provider. Receiving quotes from several providers is the best way to go. In Ontario providers of termite control need to have a separate termite treatment license.

Termite Inspections

Termite infestation Edmonton

Fully licensed and insured termite inspectors

Termite inspections consist of a visual assessment of the potentially affected areas. Our technicians search for evidence of termite colonies in both the interior and exterior for your home. All findings are reported on a form and then propose a treatment if signs have been discovered.

Termite Prevention

Removing wood-debris from around the house is a good way to lower the chances of getting termites

Thorough and regular termite inspections are the first line of defense against a termite infestation, especially in certain Edmonton neighborhoods known for termite problems. Removing dead wood, leafs and organic debris from around the house can help limit the risk to exposure to a termite colony. Termite colonies can expand by finding food sources above ground. It is therefore advised to keep a clean perimeter around your house. Treating decks and fences from around the house can also limit the risk of getting termites in the main structure.

Termite Signs

termite pest control

Wooded beam damaged by termites

Signs of subterranean termites include bulking wood, swollen floors and ceilings. Sings may resemble signs of water damage. Other common signs include, mud tubs and damaged wood. Reproductive termites take flight during the spring in search of a new colony. So signs of flying ants, discarded wings or visual signs of swarming ants can indicate the existence of an infestation. If you think you have termites you should have a professional perform a termite inspection and termite control Edmonton service. If you notice termites in your home call a pest control expert as soon as possible. Call us: (780) 440-2818


Termite problems are common in Edmonton. A termites infestation can lead to substantial structural damage to your home if it stays untreated. Termites were not originally native to Edmonton but made their way to the city through the old port from south of the border.


Termites, just like ants and bees, are social insects that live in colonies. They mostly feed on dead plant matter and primarily cellulose in wood. There are several types of termites, with the most common being the subterranean type. Termite colonies contains three casts of termites, the queen, the soldiers and the workers. If the right temperature and humidity conditions exist termites will swarm and fly. Subterranean termites can enter the foundations of a home from even the smallest crack in the concrete. They make their way into the foundation in search of food. Since termites generally avoid any contact with air, they can remain undetected until exterior layers of wooden surfaces are stripped.

Prevention Tips

A termite infestation can be prevented to some degree if a home owner can take certain precautions. These precautions have to do with minimizing moisture and removing food sources. Preventative measures to eliminate moisture include the repair of any leaks, diversion of water from the foundation of your house, removal of any obstructions to your gutters and spouts and sealing of any entry points. Termites will feed on almost every type of wood material so removing firewood, lumber and paper away from your foundation, getting rid of wood debris from around your house and inspecting any wooded structures in the outside your home would help.

Sings of An Infestation

Any sign of winged insects in your home or around your home can point to a termite infestation. Damage or bubbling of painted wood, mud tubes and signs of hollow wood surfaces are more alarming signs. Termites create their colonies in and around wooden structures and they can find an abundance of those in the city of Edmonton as well as in the suburbs. Termites are social insects and their colonies operate on a caste system, which includes a king, queen, workers and soldiers. The queen is considerably larger than her subjects and can lay 30,000 eggs a day for up to 15 years. Termites are often confused with carpenter ants. However, termites are morphologically uncomplicated insects, in contrast with their astonishingly complex social behavior. Superficially termites resemble and are sometimes mistaken for ants, which also exhibit social behavior. Termites are attracted to moisture and are more likely to “zero in” on a structure if the soil next to the foundation is consistently moist. Water should be diverted away from the foundation with properly functioning gutters, downspouts and splash blocks. Termites are generally grouped into categories based on the habitat in which they live. Dry-wood and damp-wood termites live inside wood of varying levels of decay and moisture content. Termites are the bane of homes, these little bugs have the ability to reduce a home to sawdust in a remarkably short period of time. If you have never had a termite inspection it is something that you may want to look into.

For Termite control Edmonton, inspection and prevention services call: (780) 440-2818


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