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Mice Control and Extermination

The mice are the most common rodents in the world. They are found in almost all countries as they can easily adapt to any environment. They resemble the rats to a large extent. Their bodies are furry, got very sharp teeth, sharp claws, good sense of smell and hearing, poor eyesight and grow very rapidly. They are known to breed quickly as they have a very short gestation period of between 19 and 21 days. They are a big nuisance since they gnaw almost everything they come across with their sharp teeth. They feed mostly on cereals, leaves, vegetables, plant roots among other farm products. They incur a lot of loses to farmers all over the planet which amount to billions of dollars annually. Moreover they can spark fires when they chew the insulators of live electrical cables. Fire leads to loss of lives and property. They can also distract underground the flow of data in underground network cables. Scientific studies have proven that are carriers of numerous dangerous maladies. All these risks have prompted people to device ways of getting rid of these malicious pests.

Mice extermination can be done by you if the infestation is simple. However, it is highly recommended that you hire professionals who will execute a thorough job without causing any harm. Make sure you find the right company that will satisfy your needs without having to spend too much. You can hire them using the internet or simply by making a simple phone call. Remember to express your situations and worries in details. It is not an easy job as there many things to consider. Method to be used is selected basing on several factors: Where you live i.e. whether it is rural or an urban area, the activities you carry out in your home, the number of mice etc.

The area to be worked on is carefully studied so as to come up with the best method. If use of pesticides is chosen, you will have to be extremely cautious if you have kids or pets such as dogs and cats. This is because they can play with or feed on the dead mice resulting in poisoning or even sudden death. All mice holes are usually sealed to prevent any further entry to the homestead. Traps and baits are set up in appropriate positions. The baits should be made up of sweet smelling plants or food particles. Repellents can also be used to scare them away. However, most of them are poisonous. An advanced method is enticing the mice to feed on food which have been contaminated with special chemicals that make either the male or female to be sterile. This will cease their breeding activity and they will disappear after a particular period of time. It is advised that you keep some cats as your pets as they hunt mice for food. This will help reduce them. Pay regular visits to your affected areas to analyze your progress.