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How to Prevent Unwanted House Guests in The Form of Insects and Rodents

How does it feel whenever you receive unwanted guests in your house? I guess, uncomfortable or a threat to personal space and peaceful living. Even those that are hospitable and friendly find this situation annoying. There is always a polite way to get rid of them. Do you consider pests as unwanted guests?

Insects and rodents are harmful and annoying guests if they decide to stay with you. These unwanted guests come looking for food, water and shelter. Rodent and insect infestation causes property damage, diseases and food spoilage. Apart from food contamination and harboring or transmitting disease through their waste matter, rodents can introduce disease-carrying parasites in your house, more unwanted guests.

Unwanted house guests in the form of pests:

  • Rodents (mouse, rats)
  • Insects (cockroach, house dust mites, ants, mosquitoes, flies, bugs, spiders etc.)
  • Birds (pigeons, etc)

Insect Prevention

You can prevent insects from contaminating raw or cooked food by covering them. Insects like cockroaches come uninvited when the sense dirty utensils and equipment, used in food preparation and serving. Regular general cleaning of your house will prevent insect infestation and deny them food supply.

Ants will avoid surfaces that contains paprika, dried peppermint, red chili powder or tartar. Bay leaves create a hostile environment for cockroaches. Growth regulators can be used to affect the reproductive cycle of insects during an infestation. A spider can be a good fly predator, but harmful species should be trap and release outside- seek pest exterminator services.

 Insects are attracted to artificial light, especially white bulbs. Replacing old bulbs with LED bulbs and switch on the light when needed reduce the number of flying insects in your home. You can invest in approved pyrethrin-based insecticides to chase flying insects like mosquitoes and flies. If you are considering the use of chemicals and insecticides, then hire the services of a pest extermination company; Leave bedbugs to the pros.

Inspect your house and seal cracks or crevices on your exterior walls to prevent insects from getting in your house. You can also repair windows and doors and provide exterior door and window screens. These screens should remain closed at all times this prevents insects like dust mites from visiting.

Rodents Protection

Rodents find harborage in piles of unwanted building materials, packing cases and damaged containers as soon as the weather turns cold. It is hard to specify what they eat in your house, they can eat anything from food scraps and spills to fresh food. Rats and mice find their way into your house through holes and openings (windows, sewage and ventilators etc.).

Inspect your house and cover vents using gauge wire netting. You should plug or seal, from outside, any entrance or holes visible on your door, walls, ceiling, drainage and wooden structures. Painting walls using gloss paint makes them smooth hence prevent rodents from climbing. Non-harmful coatings can be applied on wooden structures.

Rodents use wires, cables and horizontal pipes running inside your house for navigation. They chew insulation off cables to make their nests or create path, and use the texture of the PVC to sharpen their teeth. The best way to prevent rodent damage is to buy chew-proof cables, wires and pipes.

The traditional ways of getting rid of rodents is through poison, trapping or introducing a predator in your house, a cat. Nowadays advanced technology is being used to chase rodents such as ultrasonic rodent repellents. They produce sounds which subject them to intense auditory stress or the sound of a dominant male rodent to create a rodent territory.

The best solution has always been to starve them: shut off their food. You can starve rodents by regularly cleaning your house, avoiding dirty utensils, storing food in sealed metal or glass containers and emptying garbage. by creating a watertight drainage system and eliminate damp condition denies them water supply.

Pest Removal Company

Hiring professional Pest Control Company is a good idea. It requires proper store management, good hygiene and regular surveillance to prevent unwanted house guests in the form of insects and rodents. Pest Removal Company services are there to provide the necessary safety assurances, help you set up efficient glue traps and bait stations and apply best non-harmful chemicals solutions.


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