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We are a full service exterminator providing pest control services in the Greater Edmonton Area. We are effective, guarantee our service and work 7 days a week.

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Our wildlife technicians are experienced in trapping wildlife, sealing entry points and making sure that your wildlife problems are solved for good.

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Our pest control blog featuring articles about pests, pest and wildlife control tips. Whether you are looking for pest information or just looking out for your family’s health our pest control blog features articles about dealing with bed bugs, mice, roaches, raccoons, squirrels and more.


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We offer a variety of services for the most common pest and wildlife in Edmonton. Learn more about how to prevent a pest infestation or a wildlife problem and when its time to start with pest management or extermination.(more…)

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Pest Control Edmonton offers reliable and safe pest and wildlife control services for your home and family.
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Effective and value added pest control services for businesses and multi residential units.

Wasp Exterminator Edmonton

A wasp is any insect which unlike bees will sting you multiple times. Wasps can be very aggressive if provoked. It’s better not to approach a wasp’s nest during the day when they are the most active. A sting by a social or common wasp or a hornet is an unpleasant experience. It can be very upsetting and frightening for young children, but it can also be stressful for anyone and can be very painful even for those who are not allergic to insect stings. If you feel your home is infected with Wasps, the please call Edmonton Pest Control Experts. We are a professional Pest Extermination company that knows how to deal with Wasps in a environmentally friendly manner.

What makes us the best Edmonton Exterminator Company?

At Pest Control Experts, we are committed to using only Alberta and Canadian approved chemicals to eradicate pests.  All our technicians and license and bonded and certified professionals.  We try to use environmentally friendly pest removal techniques whenever possible.  Don’t settle for less and call Pest Control Experts to hire the best.  We promise to not over bill or price gouge you.  Our rates and reasonable and our service is exceptional.

Wasp Exterminator Company in Edmonton

If you are looking for Warp Exterminator Edmonton city can offer, then we are the most suitable choice for you. We offer Wasp Extermination in Edmonton, Alberta. Our experienced Edmonton wasp exterminators have been offering services for years and know how to offer effective solutions to get rid of all types of wasps.

Wasps can be a big problem to deal with. It is not so easy to get rid of them so fast. Hiring professional wasp exterminator can be worth the money spent as you get to bypass the problems and get effective solution for your pest problems. Our efficient as well as effective wasp exterminator service will make your establishment wasp free, as we remove all bees or wasp nests. We know how to handle wasp nest removal to make sure there are no wasps left behind and you do not have to face any more problems in future.

Edmonton Exterminator Company

Our company has been providing effective, innovative and reliable pest control services to residential as well as commercial properties across Edmonton, Alberta. We are your top Edmonton Exterminator Company that removes all types of pests, bugs, insects, birds, rodents and more.

We have been functioning as the best Edmonton Exterminator Company offering trustworthy pest removal for all our customers. If you suspect that there is an infestation on your property or you need to take care of an existing pest problem, worry no more. Contact us anytime through phone, email or by filling out our contact form and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. No matter what your pest problems are, our highly trained pest control technician can help you eradicate it.

Professional Pest Management

With over a decade of experience in pest control field, we have established a name in the local market as Edmonton’s premiere choice for Pest control. We offer safe, effective and fast pest removal and control solutions for not just domestic but also commercial properties. We are a professional pest management company that has well trained and experienced pest control technicians that can identify the pest, insect, bug, rodent or bird correctly and then offer pest management solutions to eradicate it.

We are the local industry pest removal leaders as we offer competitive pricing and deliver dependable pest solutions. Our company is insured and bonded like any professional pest management company in Edmonton. Our focus is always to offer safe and ecofriendly pest removal services.

Pest Control Edmonton

Many people are looking for pest control Edmonton but have a hard time choosing what company works best for them. Do not stress any more as We are the Pest Control Experts here in Edmonton, Alberta, offering professional pest management services for your home, offices, commercial properties or even industry. Our Professional Pest Control Edmonton entails getting well trained staff that places great importance on the fact that proper pest removal and extermination is very crucial for customers peace of mind. Especially is it comes down to protecting your family, loved ones and property, professional pest extermination can go a long way.

If you are dealing with pests such as ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, mice, rats, spiders or even birds like pigeon, worry no more. We are here for you as the top Pest Control Edmonton city can offer.

Edmonton Extermination Service

Our Edmonton Extermination Service focuses on offering pest removal solutions that can keep you free of any type of pest, bird, rodent, bug or insect. We also give you insightful information on how to prevent the pests from returning.

Contact us anytime and our well trained technicians can help identifying the problem and explain the methods that will work best for you. We do not believe in over charging our customers so our pest removal services are reasonable and completely affordable.

We are experts in pest control and have stood behind our pest removal services since we have founded the company over ten years ago. We have been providing reliable and effective pest management to all commercial and residential customers all over Edmonton and cities around it. We have established our company as Edmonton Extermination Service that is dependable and most trusted by customers.