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Pigeon Control Solutions in Edmonton

Pigeon control Edmonton: Removal and control

For pigeon control in Edmonton call: (780) 440-2818

For pigeon control Edmonton call: (780) 440-2818

There is no magic bullet or simple remedy when dealing with pigeons. Successful pigeon control requires both expertise and skill as something that works in one situation maybe completely ineffective in another. Getting rid of pigeons effectively requires an integrated approach and is best performed by an experienced professional. Call: 647-931-6582




Pigeon Control

Pigeon spikes

Spikes used for pigeon control

Our technicians remove any or all reasons that make pigeon populations stay viable such as food, water sources and nesting places. We then install the necessary netting and spikes required to keep pigeons from returning. Whether it is a balcony or a roof, our technicians provide effective pigeon control solutions.

Pigeon Problems

Feral pigeons are the main city pest bird in Edmonton. where they roost causing harm and creating chaos, making a demand for pigeon control. Pigeons are descendants of trained European homing pigeons, so that they made buildings and feel comfortable living in cities.

Pigeon control is significant because of the disorder and damage issues these problem birds often cause. The uric acid in pigeon feces is extremely corrosive and may cause substantial harm to alloys and other substrates it rests on for lengthy durations. Debris from flocks of pigeons can quickly back up gutters and cause flooding and damage to your roof. Pigeon debris can damage rooftop AC units which are a perfect nesting place for pigeons. Pigeon droppings can cause serious health problems as they carry bacteria, and ectoparasites. These can be the cause for a number of severe disorders, including histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis and more.

Disposing of waste

Pigeon removal through trapping.

Pigeon trapping and removal in Edmonton.

Be extremely careful if handling pigeon waste. Try to avoid doing so and call a professional. in the case that you do clean pigeon waste, wear a mask and gloves and clean and decontaminate thoroughly.


Pigeon in Edmonton

Pigeons are a common pest in Edmonton.

They are comfortable in living at urban communities and are normally gray in colour, with iridescent feathers on the throat and brain, difficulty pigeons usually have marks in dark, white or brownish on the throat and wings. A little head and short neck qualify the conventional pigeon; their back feet, short legs and degree top allow for both simple perching on ledges and pipes or strolling on smooth surfaces. Pigeons usually nest in building ledges, AC units or window sills.

They feed on seeds, nuts, fruits and small insects. A couple of doves may be a beautiful sight but they become a nuisance once they accumulate and increase in number and start to pester people; they are then included in the pest control list. They are capable of building their nests anywhere from roof gutters to one’s attic. The droppings and wastes of these birds are also corrosive and can bring about destruction of one’s home or business property.

Pigeons easily adapt to the environment and a good number of these birds living in cities and other urban areas have become a common sight. Their resourcefulness in making nests made of varying objects makes them more irritating and harder to get rid of. When pigeons are no longer entertaining and become bothersome, there are several ways that can be done in order for them to be gone from the area concerned one’s home or property.

For pigeon control Edmonton services call: (780) 440-2818


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