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For effective squirrel removal and exclusion call: (780) 440-2818

Squirrel removal Edmonton. Our experienced wildlife removal technicians deal with every squirrel situation effectively, professionally and economically. We treat every situation differently, but follow strict guidelines. Our technicians inspect, remove animals and seal all entry points. We also provide guarantees for our work. Our technicians perform: Humane Trapping and Removal of Squirrels, Seal Entry Points, Minor Roof Repairs. For squirrel removal call: (780) 440-2818

Squirrel Control & Removal

Squirrel Removal Edmonton

Squirrel control solutions in Edmonton.

If you think you have squirrels living in your home then you should act immediately. Squirrels can damage to siding, insulation and electrical wiring, that can lead to thousands in repair costs. Our technicians use a variety of techniques to trap squirrels.

Live catch. A technician will approach the animal and catch it either by hand or by using a catch pole.

One way traps and doors: We frequently use one way traps for squirrel removal. We install such traps on an entry point to allow the squirrel to leave the structure but cannot re-enter.

Our technicians specialize in trapping and removing squirrels humanely. We do not hurt the animals and go the extra mile to make sure the job is done entirely. Every situation differs from another, the wildlife control technician will provide recommendations and will go ahead only with your approval.

Squirrel Exclusion

After we capture any adult animals and remove any squirrel babies humanely then our technicians proceed on finding and sealing all open holes and potential entry points leading into the structure. We use steel screens when necessary.

Squirrel Signs

Edmonton Squirrel control

Electrical cables, chewed by squirrels.

There are signs that point to a potential squirrel problem.

Noises: The most common signs of having a squirrel infestation are noises of loud chewing and scratching emanating from walls and ceilings. Squirrels are active during the daytime as opposed to raccoons, mice and rats. If you have heard noises during the day, it is most likely squirrels. Gray squirrels, (Edmonton black squirrels are melanistic subgroup of gray squirrels) are mostly active in morning and evening. This is the time they exit or re-enter after a day foraging outdoors. Since squirrels can weigh up to a couple pounds so when they are heard running in an attic they can sound like a larger animal.

Sightings: The best way to confirm that squirrels are living in an attic is to see them entering or exiting.

Squirrel Repellents

hat said, in general there are many long-standing old wives’ tales about animal and repellent, and there are many modern products sold meant to evict unwanted critters from property and homes, and most all of them do not work. Some of the old-fashioned standards include naphthalene (moth balls), ammonia, bleach, and even human hair.

Squirrel Dangers

They are cute but can damage ones property and therefore many homeowners find squirrels to be pests. Squirrel droppings, like pretty much any wildlife dropping, are associated with Leptospirosis and Salmonella. Do not try to poison a squirrel, there is a likelihood the animal will end up dead in your attic. The unbearable stench of decomposition can last weeks and create additional pest and health problems.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels are known to enter buildings and build nests in attics and roofs. They can chew through a variety of surfaces and roof materials and can cause thousands in damage. They chew on and damage electrical wires, a habit which can result in serious damage. If you too are experiencing problems with squirrels call for Edmonton squirrel control solutions: (780) 440-2818

Squirrels in Edmonton

Squirrel extermination services

Most Edmonton squirrels are melanistic grey squirrels.

If you live in Edmonton then you have come across at least a squirrel or two. If you are a home owner and you have trees in your or neighboring lots then you see at least one every day. Squirrels are very adaptive creatures. They move neighborhoods and from house to house easily. They will travel many kilometers to find food when necessary. They will nest on trees when available or in other warm places such as attics. Squirrels can be hard to be trapped if one doesn’t have the right equipment and technique to do so. Even though squirrels are fascinating animals to watch, photograph, and study and they make themselves available for observation in ways that few other animals do, it is not advised to have a large squirrel population living near ones house. Squirrels are generally clever and persistent animals. In residential neighborhoods, they are notorious for eating out of bird feeders, digging in planting pots and flower beds to pull out bulbs which they chew on or to either bury or recover seeds and nuts and for inhabiting sheltered areas including attics and basements.  It is very important to contact a squirrel removal specialist so that the animal doesn’t get hurt during removal and that the squirrel is removed effectively. If you realized that squirrels have made your home their home call squirrel removal Edmonton: (780) 440-2818

For Edmonton squirrel removal services and control call: (780) 440-2818

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