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Ant control Edmonton solutions. Ants can be a huge nuisance especially if you live in Edmonton Ontario. In Edmonton common ants are carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and pavement ants, with the most common type of infestations being caused by carpenter ants. Our exterminators are fully licensed, insured, trained and experienced with providing effective ant control services. If you are experiencing an ant problem call us: (780) 440-2818

Every infestation is different. In all cases however, our technicians follow the integrated pest management process and deliver results.

Ant Inspection

The first step to dealing with an ant infestation is an inspection. The goal is for the technician to get as much information about the infestation as possible. This information is used to determine the location of the nest or the satellite colony. After the initial inspection he technician will find the causes of the infestation and make helpful recommendations on preventing the expansion of the problem. Recommendations for repairs, sealing entry points and for providing treatment.

Ant Extermination

Ant Exterminator Edmonton

After the initial inspection and formulation of the plan of action the technician will begin the ant extermination process. Every infestation has its own unique characteristics. The ant control process can include spraying baseboards, doors and window frames. Depending on the level of the infestation and treatment it might be required to vacate the premises for up to four hours and until the pesticide has dry.


Treating The Ant Colony

When the ant colony has been detected it may be required to inject pesticide within the wooden surface. Our technicians will strategically place secure bait traps in and around the problem area. The goal is to have the ants take the bait back to the parent or satellite colony and poison the colony. In some cases, and during dryer months, an exterior spray of the structure maybe implemented to prevent from the ant infestation from expanding.

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter Ant Removal Edmonton

Carpenter ants feeding

Carpenter ants can be as or even more destructive than termites. They can cause structural damage as they build nests in wood by tunneling and nesting inside wood structures. They are large, black ants sometimes with dark brown or dark red areas. Carpenter ants are similar in appearance to the common pavement ants, but can be distinguished by certain physical characteristics. The carpenter ant has a single pinched node between the abdomen and the thorax, while most ants have a dual node.

Carpenter Ants are mostly black, usually ranging from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. They sometimes have a brown thorax which is the middle section of their body. Carpenter ants are social insects which form large colonies. A mature carpenter ant colony may contain up to 3,000 individuals, but usually only one queen. Carpenter ants are nocturnal and will move in and out of your house at night to feed. Carpenter ants are sometimes found in electrical boxes, such as fuse, meter, or timer boxes or appliances. They are among the largest ants found in homes and live in colonies containing three castes consisting of winged and wingless queens, winged males and different sized workers. Winged males are much smaller than winged queens. In order to keep carpenter ants at bay you need to check for leaks around windows and doors, plumbing fixtures and under shingles and make necessary repairs. If you notice a large increase of these types of ants the best thing you can do is to call an ant control Edmonton expert. If you live in Edmonton then you should contact a licensed and insured ant exterminator Edmonton Call us: (780) 440-2818


There are several types of ants which can cause issues for Edmonton home owners. Large or small, infestations ought to be dealt with as soon as the first signs appear. In some cases, what seems to be a small ant problem can be on the contrary a large infestation. The most common ants in the Edmonton area are carpenter ants, pavement ants and pharaoh ants. You can find more details on each bellow.

  • Black Carpenter Ants
  • Pavement Ants
  • Pharaoh Ants

If you are having ant problems perhaps you can read more about our ant extermination services.

Black Carpenter Ants

Black carpenter Ant Edmonton Characteristics: Carpenter ants burrow in dead trees and unlike termites they do not feed off decaying wood. They are known to hollow out sections of trees to create their shelter. They have the ability to travel up to 100 meters in search for food and they are most active at night. They don’t sting but worker carpenter ants are known to bit. Carpenter ant size ranges between 0.64 to 2.5 cm. They are considered an invasive species as they are known to create nests in the wood of homes in and around Edmonton. Such activities can damage the structural integrity of a house or structure.

Control Methods

There are several ways to treat a carpenter ant infestation, including some over the counter sprays. These methods however, have a very limited effectiveness. Baiting: The bait method is a somewhat effective way of dealing with carpenter ant infestations. Once a worker ant visits the bait station, it carries the bait back to the colony and other ants will feed off the poison. However, due to the fact that carpenter ants have a very varied diet, baits are not always very successful. Treating the Colony: Treating a carpenter ant colony is the most effective way of eliminating carpenter ants from your area. They most difficult aspect of this type of treatment is actually finding where the colony is. Signs of a colony include piles of dust and tracking foraging ants. Dust Treatments: Dust treatment should be handles by licensed pest control professionals. They are the most effective for applications of domestic carpenter ant control treatments. Placing liquid insecticides inside walls can cause additional damage. Warnings: Some pest control companies suggest costly and in most cases ineffective treatments. Finding the colony is key to effectively treating an infestation. As such, treatments that involve excessive dusting or spraying should be avoided. In addition, termite treatments should also be avoided. Prevention: Eliminating all food sources is the most effective prevention method. This includes removal of dead decaying wood or leafs, food spills or open food containers. It is also important to correct any moisture problems such as leaky roofs or plumbing. Ants Edmonton Common Carpenter Ant Infestation Areas

Carpenter Ant Infestation

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Pavement ants

Pavement Ant removal

Pavement ants are common household pests and get their name from the fact that they sometimes nest in pavement. Their color is dark brown or blackish and are smaller than carpenter ants approximately, 2.5–4 mm long.

They have a varied diet, and can feed on many organic matter but have a preference on food with higher than average sugar contents.


They are known to invade structures in search of food and create nests inside walls, floors


Baiting is an effective way to deal with pavement ants. There are over the counter bait stations available that can be used to treat smaller infestations. It is recommended that treatment for larger infestations be performed by licensed professionals.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh Ant control

Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants are a small indoor ants that are a common pest in Edmonton. They thrive indoors all year round in heated areas. While they do not pose a threat to structures like termites or carpenter ants, they can be a nuisance and they are frequently the target of pest control treatments.


Pharaoh ants are generally smaller than other types of common ants. They are 2.0 millimeters in length, light yellow to reddish brown in color and have a darker abdomen. They live in smaller colonies, but can create several nearby colonies at a time.


Nests are very small, and in unusual places, in kitchen or washroom cabinets, in wall voids, behind baseboards and in stacks of discarded paper items. In general, pharaoh ants prefer dark, warm areas near hot water pipes. Nests can be difficult to locate.


Pharaoh ants have been exterminated by placing baits. Insecticides are particularly ineffective when treating a pharaoh ant infestation. The reason being that any such treatment can stress and split the colony to several new ones.


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